Hillcrest Phone
Hillcrest Phone

Emergency Service Contact Information

You Don't Need To Be A Customer For Our Emergency Service.

You Will Want To Be When Your Problem Is Corrected !

CALL 203-735-1847 FOR 24HR SERVICE

Hillcrest Fuel utilizes a 24HR Answering Service for after hours emergencies. Dial extension "0" and an operator will ask for your contact information. A Service Professional Will Promptly Contact You And Evaluate Your Problem. We Will Also Promptly Dispatch A Service Technician When Ever Required.

If You Do Not Have A Hillcrest Fuel Service Plan

We will gladly accept Mastercard and Visa for Emergency Service. Service will be performed on a Time & Materials basis. Our Service Professional will provide you with a preliminay estimate during your service call back. A final esitmate will be provided during your service response.